DSI Repio biosynthetic tissue adhesive

DSI Repio biosynthetic tissue adhesive material is a two-component liquid which is fully mixed while being dispensed. This adhesive is completely another level of tissue adhesives. Once dispensed it can bond and repair any site and tissue fragments independently of the patient body’s clotting mechanisms. Completely seals any wound, crack or surgical cut within 120 seconds and has a hemostatic effect that stops the blood. The syringe is built with two separate compartments and improving storage stability and unwanted cross-contamination. DSI Repio is a revolutionary material that makes sutures, sealants, staples, electrocautery, and/or patches and other old-fashioned materials completely obsolete, all you need is 120 seconds of your time for sealing and stopping the blood. It also can be used even at vertical and hard to reach surfaces. May also be applied alone to seal and/or reinforce damaged Cells. DSI Repio is designed with a two-component ground-breaking formula purified bovine serum albumin (BSA) and glutaraldehyde based on years of R&D.