We are a dental and pharmaceutical distributor who offer high quality products, correct service  as well as safety and guarantee for the client and patient . Our company operates in several areas starting from the dental sector, maxillofacial surgery, medical and cosmetic aesthetics as well as the sale of modern equipment .

Our mission is to be as close as possible to professionals by supporting them with constant knowledge of all innovations on products and equipment.

For this we have the digital center of courses where we conduct theoretical training as well as live surgery on patients.

We started in 2013 as a small company that supplied dentists with instruments, later our company managed to take over the world’s largest company in various fields of health .

We have worldwide partners which we coolaborate as their exclusive distributor in all Balkan area. Some of our partners are :

Megagen Implant Co,Ltd Korea ,Tecnoss Dental Srl Italy,Citagenix Canada,FKG Swiss Endo Switzerland,Cavex Netherland,Medesy Srl Italy,Suisselle Switzerland,

Proces for PRF Nice,Medensy Italy,Omelon Co,Ltd Korea,Health & Beauty Oasis Srl Italy,Assut Medical Sarl Switzerland,LM Instrument Finland,Shofu Japan etc

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