DSI Alvo-G

DSI Alvo-G is a dry socket treatment and post-extraction dressing. It offers a soothing effect during the entire healing process. Its fibrous consistency permits easy filling of the socket. Alvo-G is an antiseptic, analgesic and hemostatic alveolar paste. Alvo-G is commonly a paste for alveolar surgical dressing after tooth extractions. The paste supports hemostasis by compression and defends it from superinfection (alveolar osteitis) by its barrier result introduced into the socket. Alvo-G easily sticks to the alveolus due to fibrous stability. Supported by the patient’s tongue movements, it slowly self-eliminates devoid of any intervention from the physician as the usual healing of the wound happens. Alvo-G is incredibly easy to apply and needed no special attention from the specialist other than observation of the recovery process. Alvo G is used as an anesthetic, and antiseptic Alvo-G usually compress after dental extraction. Alvo-G offers quick bleeding stoppage on account of the presence of Aminocaproic acid & fibers is actually a one-step, self-eliminating treatment necessitating no suturing no special attention, apart from the observation of the process of recovery. It gives a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues hence, helping rapidly to lessen the pain sensation. The constituents of the Alvo-G paste consisting of analgesic and anti-microbial actions. Choose from two product versions: Alvo-G Hemostatic and Alvo-G Pro.

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