Zirconia Aesthetic

Hybrid Zirconium Abutments Zirconia + Titanium base – A highly aesthetic alternative to the metal abutments. Due to its unsurpassed biocompatibility, life-like color, and excellent mechanical properties, Zirconia is a high-end replacement for any metal abutment. Its also known for its extraordinary strength and durability that could last for a long period of time.
Zirconia is highly resistant to any kind of intra-oral acids which guarantees a long-lasting restoration and patient peace of mind.
Zirconia is an excellent biomaterial choice for clinical results. DSI Aesthetic line dental products are made of proven, biomaterials that offer superior imaging properties and performance benefits over alternative materials. All products, engineered for biocompatibility, safety, and bio-stability, featuring a proven history of clinical results and regulatory approval.