Xenograft – Zenoss Plus Syringe

DSI Zenoss Plus – Natural bone substitution you love and trust – now in a ready-to-use syringe form applicator. Zenoss Plus was built to deliver Zenoss xenograft granules more efficiently and precisely to the treatment site to simplify the bone grafting procedures. With Zenoss Plus, the grafting could even be made without the use of other sterile instruments! This highly purified material comes in easy to use pre-filled sterile syringes and dedicated for a single-use. Due to its natural origin, Zenoss Plus granules are structurally and chemically close to the human bone matrix. The unique feature of the Zenoss Plus is the polymer that incorporates the graft granules into a homogenous paste. The polymer has reversed thermoplasticity – on the higher temperatures (25C/77F) it starts to harden and becomes solid at the intraoral environment. It allows to achieve the immediate stability inside the defect after the placement without the membrane and provides the doctor with full control over the material viscosity: it gradually softens when cooled down, while becoming completely fluid on the low (8C/46F) temperature mark. The material can overcome numerous cycles of liquid to solid.