UniLite Endo Non-vital Bleaching

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DSI UniLite Endo 60% Carbamide Peroxide bleaching material is specially formulated whitening gel. The main scope of using the DSI UniLite Endo is to whiten endodontically treated, discolored teeth by “walk-in bleach” technique. Once delivered to the pulp chamber, DSI UniLite Endo is then sealed with temporary cement and left in the tooth for 3-5 days until the desired whitening effect is achieved.

Possible uses:
 Teeth after root endo procedure.
 Internal tooth discoloration caused by the disease.
 Internal blood stains as a result of tooth injury.
 Teeth color shift after medical treatment.

1UniLite-Endo UniLite Endo Non-vital Bleaching

UniLite_Endo_Flyer UniLite Endo Non-vital Bleaching

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