UniLite Core

DSI UniLite Core is a dual-cured, premium quality material with outstanding physical properties that facilitate the ability of the restoration to resist multidirectional masticatory forces for many years. DSI UniLite Core is ideal for core build-ups as well for post cementation due to its carefully developed innovative formula.

Being thixotropic, DSI UniLite Core provides outstanding flow consistency for convenient, easy application without slumping. Excellent flowability ensures that tooth substance and posts are completely surrounded, preventing air pockets or gaps.

UniLite Core Build-up material not only has compressive strength similar to that of dentin. It also cuts, trims and feels like dentin, allowing precise preparation of the margin.

UniLite Core exhibits unsurpassed bonding strength to dentin, enamel, and posts, low polymerization shrinkage, and high radiopacity.

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