Unica anterior Introkit

Complete sectional matrix system kit developed to offer strong tooth separation in order to create excellent contact points in the restoration of Class II cavities.
This kit features myRing Forte, a sectional matrix ring that adapts to both teeth of different crown heights and wide cavity preparations, thanks to the its extremities (myTines Small, myTines Medium and myTines Large). In case of dissimilar tooth morphologies, the autoclavable and replaceable myTines can be used interchangeably to enhance matrix adaptation. The kit comprises a selection of myWedge, high-quality, anatomical interdental plastic wedges. Their hollow V-shape allows them to compress and adapt to the interproximal anatomy of the teeth, preventing damage to the papilla. LumiContrast sectional matrices complete the kit’s matrix assortment. These dark-blue matrices significantly increase contrast and reduce glare effect, especially while using loupes or microscopes.