Ti-base for CAD/CAM

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The Ti-Base concave for individual abutments or screw-retained crown/bridge serves as a connector between the implant and its final restoration, enabling CAD/CAM customized solutions, with hight precession and excellent esthetic reults. Our new concave Ti-Bases provide an excellent prosthetic CAD/CAM solution. DSI Ti-Bases concave of variable gingival heights (0.5/1.0/2.0/3.0/4.0 mm) provide solutions for cases of different gingival thickness and clinical procedures. The titanium base has a unique concave design enabling the soft tissue to form a dense layer surrounding the transgingival interconnection. CAD-CAM Libraries Software contains all relevant CAD/CAM parts – Scan Bodies, Ti-Bases, Adhesive Copings, Screws, Analogs and Pre-Milled Blanks. DSI libraries enable simple and easy design, manufacturing of your restorations and support all DSI implant platforms. All products are supported by leading CAD/CAM systems. Please refer to the DSI LIBRARY DOWNLOAD PAGE for our libraries. DSI introduces a comprehensive range of CAD/CAM restoration products for Internal Hex and Conical platforms. All products feature original DSI connections with the exact tolerances, ensuring the best reliable implant to fit restoration, and offer solutions for single tooth and bridge restorations.

• Unique concave design that adapts to the gingival height.
• One-piece unique geometry and special design texture.
• Customized shape and emergence profile.
• Control over the cement gap.
• Optimized path of insertion.
• High convenience in the restoration.
• It can be used both screw-retained and cement-retained.

Ti-Base1 Ti-base for CAD/CAM


Ti-Base2 Ti-base for CAD/CAM


3Ti-Base Ti-base for CAD/CAM


Ti-Base4 Ti-base for CAD/CAM


5Ti-Base Ti-base for CAD/CAM


6Ti-Base Ti-base for CAD/CAM

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