Temporary Abutment

PEEK Abutments – can be easily customized according to the case specifics. PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) Abutments designed as a provisional abutment, PEEK abutment can be placed at the first stage of the surgery, to form the gingiva, while allowing the immediate restoration of the patient’s aesthetic area, without compromising osseointegration in any way. PEEK is a bio-friendly plastic, almost as durable as the titanium, but with a smoother surface and can be easily polished and shaped providing a highly aesthetic temporary restoration that lasts for a long time. PEEK or Temporary Titanium Abutment is an excellent biomaterial choice for clinical results. DSI Aesthetic line dental products are made of proven, biomaterials that offer superior imaging properties and performance benefits over alternative materials. All products, engineered for biocompatibility, safety, and bio-stability, featuring a proven history of clinical results and regulatory approval.