Sponge Graft

What will happen if we will take two of our best-selling biomaterials and combine them in one? DSI Sponge Graft a revolutionary product, which has a two-phase composition of pure bovine collagen and calcium phosphate/hydroxyapatite formula due to which it retains its resemblance to natural bone. The collagen phase provides biological signals for wound healing in the hole, and the mineral phase provides primary stability, slow and complete resorption in the operated area. DSI Sponge Graft fits perfectly into the cavity of the post-extraction well, without the need for pre-rehydration. DSI Sponge Graft is used as a protection and temporary filler of the post-extraction well during early implantation, or as a regenerative material that promotes the formation of new bone during delayed implantation.

Clinical application of DSI Sponge Graft is limited only with the surgeon’s imagination.