Soft Denture Liner Material

Dentures worn for long periods of time with minimal rest to the denture-bearing tissues, lead to irritation of the soft tissues, depriving them of blood supply and also leading to resorption of the supporting bony foundation. Soft tissues beneath the dentures suffer deformation. As a consequence, the dentures tend to loosen.

DSI Soft Liner is a self-curing temporary soft reline material offering long-lasting relief and great comfort to the denture wearers with receded, flattened, sore gum tissues.

This tasteless and odorless silicone material remains permanently soft to provide increased comfort for patients. It is useful to relieve pressure areas to provide support and cushioning during implant healing, to provide better adhesion for the denture and more comfort in undercut areas. It can be used either in an indirect or direct relined procedure. NON-Irritating to gums, temporary soft denture reliner that provides a snug fit for loose, irritating dentures. Using this vicious, yet flowable liquid for the conditioning of sensitive tissue, caused by ill-fitting dentures, will leave your patient thankful allowing them to eat the food that they used to, before having dentures in their life! Soft and comfortable, no lumps or clumps. It contains enough powder for at least 20 full denture applications.