Silver Sponge

DSI Silver Sponge is a gelatin collagen sponge of hemostatic action with the addition of 5% colloidal silver. It is used in a wide range of surgical procedures, where traditional hemostatic measures are irrelevant, or inappropriate. The evenly porous foam structure of DSI Silver Sponge absorbs its own weight several times over, promotes thrombocyte aggregation due to the large surface and fills the wound cavity like a plug. DSI Silver Sponge provides optimum wound treatment and can be cut when applied to a surgical cavity, to fit any size. When implanted, DSI Silver Sponge is completely absorbed within 2 weeks. The addition of colloidal silver has an antimicrobial effect and virtually no reaction or resistance. Unlike many other bacteriocide substances, silver from DSI Silver Sponge is not washed away, so last-lasting depot effect with continuous silver ions release is achieved