SDT Torque Limiter Driver

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TD Torque Prosthetic Driver

Manual Drivers with Built-in Torque Limiter
A sterile titanium cover screw for a two-stage surgical procedure is included in each DSI implant packaging. It is supposed to be hand-tighten with the 1.25 hex driver, with the recommendation of 15Ncm torque

The same is true for the healing caps.
But how to control the torque without using a torque ratchet – especially in hard-to-reach places?

The over-torque of the healing screw can lead to a cold-welding and put the following restoration at risk.
According to the statistics, even when tightening by hand, 25% of clinicians exceed the recommended torque of 15Ncm.

DSI Introduces a manual drivers line with a built-in torque limiter.


Simple and precise

After reaching the desired torque level (15Ncm), the internal driver part starts to spin inside the handle. No further tightening is possible.

Was specifically engineered for the implant cover screws

Great for healing caps and multi-unit superstructures


Product name: DT Manual Torque Limiter Driver 15Ncm
Code: DT150001

Product name: DT Manual Torque Limiter Driver Long Handle 15Ncm
Code: SDT1500115

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