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Restorative materials, impression taking and prosthetic cementation, require a fluid free and sterile environment to work at. Therefore we must apply tissue management, especially when we strive to reproduce the exact tooth impression, we are to displace the gingival tissue away from the preparation margins, so that they can be visualized and impressed properly, weather we use impression materials or intraoral scanner. Gingival retraction and soft-tissue management is also vital for clinical situations when, during placement of the restoration, the margins of the preparation are either at or below the free margin of the gingival tissues. There are number of clinical techniques for managing gingival tissues in restorative dentistry, and the mechanical displacement of the gingival tissue using a retraction cord, is one of the preferable and predictable techniques used by many clinicians. This technique guarantees no tissue damage in both prosthodontic and operative procedures. DS-Cord’s mechanism of action when lodged in the sulcus, concludes in the touch of the knitted loops with the patients saliva. in 3-8 minutes the knitted loops seek to open, gently retracting the gingiva away from the tooth allowing for a better visualization of the tooth’s margins. DSI is proud to present superb quality retraction cords, that are easily and precisely placed into the gingival sulcus without causing gingival bleeding and soft-tissue damage. Available in 3 forms: Non-Impregnated, with Aluminium-Chloride, and with Epinephrine incorporated, DS-Cord combines both convenience & efficiency, in cord dispensing and cutting by adding a blade on the top, and the ruler on the label. Locking ball keeps the cord from returning  to the flask. The spool prevents tangling of the cord when removing it. Transparent flask allows to control the rest of the cord. It is an all-in-one delivery system for DS-Cord gingival retraction cord.

Advantages: • Close textured.
• High absorption properties.
• Easy detection in gingival sulcus.
•  No separation of fibers when packing.
• Spool type – 285cm (112 inch).
• 3 sizes #00 – Thin, #0 – Medium, 1# – Thick.
• Available in 3 forms: Non-Impregnated, with Aluminium-Chloride, and with Epinephrine

2Cord Retraction Cord

4Cord Retraction Cord

3Cord Retraction Cord

5Cord Retraction Cord


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