Prophylaxis – Prophy Paste

The definition of prophylaxis is the prevention of disease. In DSI, we believe that procedures and cleaning routines that promote the oral health of teeth, gums, and mouth and preventing or stopping the progression of periodontal disease, can be enjoyable and fun. This new concept of well-being relies on providing appropriate and tailored care to make daily prophylaxis easier. DSI Prophy Paste features a splatter-free formula and leaves the patient mouth and face clean after use. It also contains the potassium nitrate, used in whitening products, giving the instant effect your customer will praise. With eight natural flavors, including exclusive black currant taste, that will bring a smile to your customer’s face, it still remains exceptionally effective in polishing and stain-removal. Perfectly sized core cleaning particles, rapidly breaking down into a fine grit as you work, maximizing cleaning, minimizing abrasion and optimizing your chair time. A fluoride-free formula gives you the option to finish the cleaning session or upgrade with DSI Fluoride Gel placement. Packaging net weight: 340g jar.