Prophylaxis – Fluoride Gel

The definition of prophylaxis is the prevention of disease. In DSI, we believe that procedures and cleaning routines that promote the oral health of teeth, gums, and mouth and preventing or stopping the progression of periodontal disease, can be enjoyable and fun. This new concept of well-being relies on providing appropriate and tailored care to make daily prophylaxis easier. DSI Fluoride Gel for preventing tooth decay is an economical and quick application gel fluoride treatment. Neutral PH formula is safe and effective for patients with porcelain or composite restorations. Smooth and thixotropic consistency and excellent tasting flavors – orange, cherry, and strawberry – for the patient pleasure. Acidulated phosphate contains 12300 ppm (1.23%) Fluoride ions. 60 seconds (80% effectiveness) or 4 minutes (100% effectiveness) application options are available. Packaging: 500 ml bottle.