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DSI Newest addition to the Stopper Drills line – DLC Step&Stop Kit
We’ve taken three major drill improvements of the last decade and combined them in one ultimate drill.
1. Monolith design with pre-integrated stopper – perfect balance, no vibrations, no over-drilling mistakes
2. Stepped shape when apical and coronal part diameters are different and mimic the measures of conical taper implant measures.
3. Diamond-like Carbon DLC Coating that minimizes friction and heat generation and almost triples the lifespan.
Each drill from the kit leads to the following one that ensures a fast and accurate drilling process and maximal stability. The shape of the drill and its dimension are closely matched to implant geometry. There is a certain drill for each length of the implant. The stoppers of the drills minimize over-drilling mistakes while the gradual removal of the material minimizes temperature elevation and assists in centralizing the drilling process itself.
These features along with high contrast and clear depth marking make DSI DLC Step&Stop the perfect choice both for beginners and life-experienced professionals. DLC Integral Stopper Drills work best with DSI Spiral or Conical Implants but can be used with other comparable systems on the market as well. The drills have a long lifespan and high corrosion resistance.
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Distinctive Characteristics of DSI Step&Stop kit
• DLC or “diamond-like-carbon” coating along with special web thinning drastically reduces cutting resistance and heat generation
• Penetrate precisely, minimizing the need to visualize for depth control
• Aid in implant preparation positioning as related to adjacent teeth
• Improve depth management in flap or flapless surgeries
• With a DLC coating coupled with the cutting edge design, long and stable tool life is achieved.
• Higher visibility in the operational field
• Perfectly balanced and easy to clean&sterlize due to monolith design
• Premium Italian Plastic Autoclave-ready box
• Made in Israel, CE/FDA Certified.

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While a common rule is to replace the implant drill every 20-25 cycles, Step&Stop sharpness is guaranteed for 60 uses
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