Multi-Unit – Premium

The Premium Multi-Unit system provides a solution for screw-retained prostheses even on complicated-to-restore implants (for example, multiple tilted implants). Based on a popular shape and platform, used by leading dental companies, the Premium Multi-Unit system comprises a full range of sizes for both the upper and lower jaws. DSI Multi-Unit Abutments enables the screw-retained restorations to be screwed directly on the implant, with a wide range of screw-retained suprastructures available giving more than one way to proffering solution to the patient’s dental trouble. Premium line provides you with a full and ready to use solution to each case by including all the necessary tools and abutments to make the restoration – from the beginning to the end – a more pleasant experience. Additionally, the DSI straight and angulated premium systems parts are 100% mutually compatible so the parts can be used together. DSI’s Premium Multi-Unit system comes in a wide range of options: Straight, angulated, Regular & Narrow platforms in 17°, 30°, and 45° adapters, in a variety of heights, connect to a wide range of complementary products.
Material: Titanium.