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911 kit

The total solution kit to remove broken pieces easily when fixture, abutment or screw are fractured

Fixture RemoverTo remove the fixture. When selecting a Fixture Remover, consider the outer diameter of a Fixture. In case of AnyRidge Fixture that the thread is formed under platform, select a Fixture Remover according to platform size
Fixture Remover ScrewTo connect fixture and Fixture Remover.
Torx DriverTo connect fixture removal screw to a fixture.
Torque Wrench• TW500 : To check torque force when removing fixture. • TW70 : To check torque force when tightening Fixture Remover Screw.
Abutment RemoverTo remove fractured abutment.
Screw RemoverTo remove fractured screw.
Screw Remover GuideTo secure the Screw Remover from moving side to side when removing the screw.
Screw Remover Guide HolderTool to support the Screw Remover Guide.
Hex RemoverTo remove hex-damaged Abutment Screw, Cover Screw or Healing Abutment.

911 Fixture Removal kit

This is a simplified version of 911 kit, only to use for fixture removal.

Root Membrane Kit

The best result of Immediate Implant Placement in esthetic zone. Save the time & See an exceptional esthetic effect. Root Membrane KIT is the answer for you!

Advantage of Root Membrane Kit

  • Best Diamond Drill for Root Membrane Technique

MegaGen’s Root Membrane Kit is made by combining the best quality of dental diamond drill technology from 50-year-old Japanese company called “Hinatawada Precision manufacturing.” The reason why MegaGen selected Hinatawada is that it is a Japanese premium diamond drill company which has been recognized as one of the world’s top class products by the philosophy of craftsmen. Also, Hinatawada has the most advanced technology for Root Membrane technique; no wabbling , cutting power, and durability that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

  • Perfect match with AnyRidge

The strong point of Root membrane technique is Immediate Implant Placement. Strong initial stability guarantees a high success rate. AnyRidge Implant system of MegaGen and Root membrane technique is in harmony with strong initial stability and fast osseointegration.

Partial Extraction Therapy(PET) Kit

– Socket Shield Technique

– Pontic Shield Technique

– Root Submergence Technique


Dr. Howard Gluckman

  • Ph.D. Partial Extraction Therapy: Past, Present and Future, Szeged University, Hungary
  • DDS & Postgraduate Diploma in Implantology, University of Stellenbosch & University of Western Cape, SA
  • Private Clinic in Cape Town, SA
  • Director, Implant & Aesthetic Academy, SA
  • Immediate Past President, South African Society for Dental Implantology
  • Diplomat, International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Board Member, Southern African Association of Osseointegration
  • Dental XP Expert Panel & Scientific Board Member

The Partial Extraction Kit has been developed specifically to make the Partial Extraction Therapy Techniques more achievable. The step by step process helps to standardize the procedure to enable faster and more predictable results. The development of the kit was made possible through research which highlighted the complications associated with the techniques.

The internal and external shield exposure are the main complications associated with socket shield and pontic shield. The use for the PET kit has specific drills that enable the simple reduction of the shield without damage to the adjacent mucosa as well as preparation of the chamfer below the bone level in order to create the prosthetic space necessary for ideal soft tissue healing over the shield.

The large round diamonds are ideal for both socket shield as well as Root Submergence Technique. The size of the round drills allows fast and easy reduction of the roots to the ideal position reducing treatment time and achieving predictability.

Densah® Bur

Also available in Korea!

The implant procedure using the Osseodensification Effect of Densah® Bur has already been recognized through long-term clinical evidence and articles for more than 5 years by many renowned dentists and is becoming a new trend among dentists in North America and Europe.

Don’t Remove Bone. Just Move It!

Why Densah® Bur is one of the must-have items for dentists in other countries?

1. A Kit which is compatible with all implant systems around the world

Supports over 90 implant systems from more than 30 major companies worldwide including MegaGen, Osstem, Dentium, Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Astra, Zimmer Biomet, etc.

2. A Paradigm Shift in Implant Osteotomy Preparation “Osseodensification”

Remarkable Osseodensification effect of D4→D2 Bone without necrosis

3. Osseodensification Bone “Spring Back Effect”

By “Spring Back Effect”, it returns faster than natural bone, increasing the initial stability and BIC

4. A versatile kit capable of performing maxillary sinus lift

Densah® Bur’s unique design minimizes the bone graft as there is no risk of tearing the Sinus Membrane and no loss of bone itself.

5. Amazing Ridge Expansion Effect

Ridge Expansion Tech using bone densification technique preserves the thickness of the ridge and expands it at the same time. It is possible to place a fixture of 4.2mm or more even on a 3mm ridge.

BonePen kit

Just follow color band, and get simplicity & accuracy for Initial Drilling/ Path Guide/ Bone Collection


• BonePen is the second brand name of Auto-Max.
• Implant surgical guide for Implant initial drilling & Bone collection.
BonePen(GBR Pen)
Decortification & Bone collection Capacity of GBR Pen is approximately 0.4cc.
Excess alveolar bone above fixture can be trimmed out with BoneShaper.
• BoneShaper is the second brand name of Bone Profiler
• Analog of natural tooth.(3D positioning guide_ Bucco-lingual, Mesio-distal, Vertical dimension gauge)
• GingivalShaper is the second brand name of Tissue Punch.
• Emergeny instrument for cutting gingiva

Implant surgical guide

Consider BonePens and BonePins as teeth. They guide implant position with their diameters (BonePens, BonePins) and heights(BonePins). Excess alveolar bones above fixture can be trimmed out with BoneShaper.

Easy Extraction KIT

Innovation of Exodontia. Non-invasive exodontia will make better esthetics! No more difficult & complicated extraction!! Easy & atraumatic extraction, possible with Easy extraction Kit.


EASY PERIOTOME adopts the flexible type which can be bent freely, and ensures approach to the tooth root, so that you can cut off the periodontal ligament very easily.

EASY LUXATOR is made of a special alloy, so it has elasticity and is thinner than other Luxators. It has the advantage of free from breakage, preserving the shape of the skeleton, and minimizing tissue damage.

EASY FORCEP delivers force by grasping more apical portion than previous instruments, decreasing the possibility of root fracture significantly during extraction.


  • Immediate implant placement following extraction
  • Extraction of root canal treated teeth
  • Intentional tooth replantation
  • Residual root with high possibility of fracture

Upgrading conventional areas through matchless design

Unlike other existing extraction tools, ‘Easy Extraction Kit’ has been developed in order to provide more safe and precise extraction surgery while considering the convenience of the user.

MegaGen highly recommends using ‘Easy Extraction Kit’ to minimize the damage of the alveolar bone during tooth extraction and calcification.




Effective and economical surgical instruments. Patient’s heightened esthetic and functional expectation in periodontics and implant dentistry requires precise soft and hard tissue surgical management. There are variety of periodontal and implant surgical techniques available today. To perform these myriad of surgeries accurately and properly, and in many instances, simultaneously for a predictable clinical results, a clinician requires a sufficient set of surgical instruments for the following procedures: Complete dental diagnosis, periodontal and implant surgical procedures, including full and partial thickness flap management, root extraction and degranulation, scaling and root planning, soft tissue esthetic grafting, implant placement, various bone grafting, as well as sinus augmentation. Furthermore, for economy and convenience, most of these instruments should included be in one cassette which fits into autoclave size most dentists have in their offices. The Han-Park AnySurgery Kits are created with these concepts in mind, and they will provide clinicians with an effective, and economical set of surgical instruments to perform above surgical procedures accurately and efficiently.

We made it!

Dr. Thomas J. Han

  • Clinical Professor, USC Ostrow School of Dentistry
  • Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology
  • Diplomate, International Congress of Oral Implantology
  • Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology
  • Fellow, American College of Dentists
  • Fellow, American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
  • Chairman, MINEC (MegaGen International Network for Education and Clinical Research)

Dr. Kwang Bum Park

  • Professor, Kyungpook National University, School of Dentistry, Korea
  • Visiting Fellowship, UCLA, Dental University, Periodontics, USA
  • Member, AAED (American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry)
  • Member, American Academy of Periodontology
  • Vice Chairman, MINEC (MegaGen International Network for Education and Clinical Research)
  • Chief Director, Daegu MIR Dental Hospital


  • All basic instruments for oral and dental examination Various curettes for efficient degranulation in periodontal and other surgeries
  • Different scalers for periodontal calculus emoval and root planning


  • Special instruments for root coverage procedures using tunneling and papilla elevation procedures
  • Gingival protection instruments for partial root preservation procedures(Root sheet)
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