K-Bar Attachment

DSI K-Bar Attachment can be used for any bridge, partial or full overdenture. They have been made especially for full overdentures. Providing high initial stability and retention. Improved aesthetics achieved with as few as 2 to 4 implants. Reducing both the unnecessary additional trauma and high cost associated with placing more implants. DSI K-Bar Attachment made to be the best option for dental professionals with a passion for improving their edentulous patient’s quality-of-life. Offering a complete removable denture solution that gives them comfort, aesthetics, stability, good retention and long-wear.

• DSI K-Bar Attachment is the lowest attachment in the world – an advantage in the cases of limited space, and the best aesthetic solution there is.
• Low profile reduces the load on implants and suprastructures.
• Excellent grip and high dimensional stability of the prosthesis provides security to the patient.
• Easy adjustment and final implantation of the prosthesis are very easy thanks to the geometric structure of the DSI K-Bar Attachment and therefore even more suitable for the elderly population.
• The durability of the DSI K-Bar Attachment reduces the need for repeated patient visits.