Hypro-Sorb® M Membranes

Hypro-Sorb® M Membranes

Hypro-Sorb® M are biphasic, bilayer membranes made of 99.9% pure, crystalline Atelo-Collagen Type I, which is derived from the bovine Achilles tendon. The membranes are available in two thicknesses – 0.3 mm and
0.8 mm – whereby each possesses its own exceptional properties. Due to the special processing of the collagen fibers it is not necessary to soak these membranes with saline or the patient’s blood before application.

The resorption process occurs in two phases. During the first four to six weeks, the
Hypro-Sorb® M membranes stay intact. The resorption of the membranes starts afterwards. The membranes are completely resorbed within six months.