DSI Iodoform

DSI Iodoform is a fine-crystalline amber-yellow powder with a persistent and pungent odor. The active ingredient is Triiodomethane with the special formula of CHI3. DSI Iodoform powder is insoluble in water, alcohol, organic oils, and easily soluble in ether.
DSI Iodoform finds wide application as a disinfectant and antiseptic. It also has antifungal and antiprotozoal effects.
Iodoform is commonly used as a healing and antiseptic dressing after dental surgeries, tooth extractions, and canal preparations. Effectively stops capillary bleeding and has a weak analgesic effect.
Iodine, which forms under the influence of tissue secretions, air, and light, promotes faster cleaning of the wound surface and enhances tissue granulation. The use of iodoform on the wound surface leads to the formation of albuminates, which block receptors’ irritation. Thanks to this, DSI Iodoform Powder does not irritate the peri-apical tissues when removed from the apex.DSI Iodoform Powder does not have a resorptive-toxic and local irritating effect.

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