DSI Hemostatic Liquid

SI Hemostatic Liquid is widely used by dentists during different stages of dental treatment to stop bleeding. Effective bleeding management is one of the key factors that define the success of the procedure. The hemostatic agent must be biocompatible, easily manipulative, and able to stop bleeding in a short period of time. All of the above characterize DSI Hemostatic Liquid.
Its effectiveness is achieved thanks to 25% aluminum chloride solution in the liquid’s formula. Unlike other hemostatic agents, aluminum chloride obtains its hemostatic properties through a chemical reaction with blood proteins.  The occurred acidic property of aluminum chloride creates a barrier of coagulated proteins, stopping the outflow of blood from the vessels. This barrier also blocks the penetration of aluminum chloride into the vessels and thus prevents possible systemic side effects such as irritation, tingling, itching.