DSI Formocresol

DSI Formocresol is used for the conservative treatment of primary and permanent teeth in cases of inflammation in the pulp chamber.
Vital pulp amputation is a procedure for removing coronal pulp that is inflamed or infected as a result of deep caries, and preserving the root pulp is a vital (living) state. Formocresol is applied to the remaining root pulp to restore it. Currently, it is the most widely used material, which effectiveness has been proven by a large number of research works.

Essentially, Formocresol acts through the aldehyde group of formaldehyde. It forms bonds with the side groups of amino acids, both proteins of the bacteria and proteins of the remaining pulp tissue. Therefore, Formocresol is both a bactericidal and a mummifying agent. It kills bacteria and pulp tissue and converts them into inert compounds. It makes DSI Formocresol great material for root canal procedures.