DSI EDTA-17 is a 17% ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid solution, which is buffered to neutral pH. It is used to simplify the instrumental treatment of root canals.
EDTA works by reacting with the mineral components of the hard tissues of the tooth. The chelating agent EDTA softens the tissues, decalcifying the canal walls. It facilitates the mechanical preparation of the root canal and further removal of the smear layer, which opens dentin tubules.
Years of research have shown that the pH value of EDTA does matter. For reaching exceptional results, a lower pH of the solution is much more important than concentration. Alkaline EDTA solutions (pH 11.3) detach the smear layer much worse. As pH increases, the supply of calcium ions from hydroxyapatite for chelation decreases. 17% EDTA Solution was specially formulated with a lower pH for better performance.
DSI EDTA-17 solution is used for endodontic irrigation, removing smear layer and dentin dirt from root canals.

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