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MEGAGEN Digital Prosthetics

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MEGAGEN Digital Prosthetics

  • Zirconia customized abutment
  • Provides strong & precise connection with implant fixture
  • With Zirconia® coping, crown margins can be placed supragingivally since zirconia material matches with color of natural teeth
  • No more residual cement problems
  • Titanium customized abutment
  • Outstanding durability & simplified dental implant prosthesis
  • Ready-made connection provides strong & precise connection with implant fixture
  • R2iCE Multilayer is a structual colored zirconia block consisting of four layers. Through four gradations, similar to natural teeth values and 16 different shade line-up, consisting of A1 through D4. The minimum application of coloring and standing process required to express the VITA Classic Shade Guide standard. It’s very easy for anyone to work.

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