Coral Bone Graft

Coross – the ideal alternative to bovine and human-derived products. The COROSS biomimetic bone graft made from the mineral exoskeleton of corals, that are growing in state-of-art seawater farms under strict control, with the Close-Circuit water system and special nutrition. Coral bone graft composition, structure, strength, and resorption, have led to extensive use in dental and orthopedic procedures in hundreds of thousands of reported cases. However, in the last decade, corals have been declared an endangered species, and their quality decreased due to rising sea pollution. Corals, used for the Coross bone graft, are grown in a controlled aquarium system. Using laboratory-made seawater and proprietary technology with bioactive additions, Coross leverages the coral natural bone-like properties and prevent sea pollution-related risks. Different types of corals are cultured for various dental and orthopedics indications – with vary in porosity, strength, and shape. Coross graft material is comprised of the pure mineral part of the coral. It consists of calcium carbonate crystals (>95%) in the form of aragonite enriched with essential non-organic substances that are known to play an essential role in the bone mineralization process and the activation of enzymatic reactions with osteogenic cells.