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Prevent bad breath with Cavex Fresh4Sure. Cavex Fresh4Sure is a unique 3-step oral care system that restores the balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouth in a natural way. Stabilizing oral bacteria is essential for a healthy mouth and fresh breath. The 3-step oral care system is therefore effective against halitosis and a dry mouth.

The Fresh4Sure set consists of a tongue cleaner, mouthwash, and tongue gel. Follow these three steps and restore oral health.

Step 1
Use the Fresh4Sure tongue cleaner to remove sulphorous gas-producing bacteria.

Step 2
Remove ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouth by rinsing and gargling with Fresh4Sure mouthwash for 30 seconds.

Step 3
Reduce bacterial growth with the Fresh4Sure Tongue Gel. The gel preserves ‘good’ bacteria that promote oral health.


  • Contains a tongue cleaner, mouthwash and tongue gel
  • Long-lasting and durable effect
  • Mouthwash also effective against dry mouth
  • Does not contain SLS
  • Does not contain alcohol
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