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The Cavex Alginate Mixer 3 allows dental professionals to maximize impression results by standardizing a homogeneous alginate mixture. Thanks to optimized mixing technology and smart design, this device is a showpiece in every dental clinic. Hand-mixed alginates cause product variations. Differentiations in mixing time, intensity, and usage of various techniques affect both curing time and alginate quality. The Cavex Alginate Mixer 3 eliminates these variables and consistently delivers evenly mixed alginates with perfectly predictable properties. In addition to consistent quality, the Cavex Alginate Mixer 3 also offers significant time savings. Preparation, processing, and cleaning become a matter of just seconds.

Desired mixing programs can be selected at the touch of a button using the innovative, user-friendly touchscreen:

  • Extra Fast Set alginate
  • Fast Set alginate
  • Normal Set alginate
  • Gypsum


  • A perfect alginate mix in just six to eight seconds
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Maintenance-free thanks to improved technology
  • Four different program options
  • Always assured of a perfect impression
  • Modern design, a showpiece in every clinic
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