Made of 25% Phenol and 75% Camphor, Camphorated phenol, is often recognized as DSI CPK, is undoubtedly a highly potent active antiseptic for the treatment of infected root canals & periapical infections. Camphorated Phenol is an active sanitizer used for cavity sanitation and for root canal treatment. Because of its oil viscosity, Camphor Phenol remains active for several hours. CPK is a blend of 27% 4-chlorophenols, 71% racemic camphor and 1.6% levomenthol. Cpk is internationally known as  Camphorated Phenol. (Cpk) Products and was introduced to dentistry at the beginning of the 20th century. Camphorated phenols are active antiseptics and good disinfectants for root canals. They have advanced antibacterial, antiseptic and disinfectant prospects in comparison with other disinfectants or phenol. CPK has been shown to be highly effective against E. faecalis. The often described antibacterial effect of CPK is dependent on its capability to destroy the bacteria membrane by binding

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