C-SMART I PILOT Endo Motor With Apex Locator

  1. Concise technology host, large 5-inch touch screen, rich information display, simple and easy to use
  2. The handle is wirelessly connected, without tedious connection lines
  3. The handle realizes the function measurement while expanding
  4. The contra angle can rotate freely at 300°, which can meet the treatment needs of any position
  5. Detachable integral insulation contra angle, no need insulation sheath
  6. The contra angle has built-in LED lighting for clearer vision
  7. The contra angle has a built-in root canal measurement connection, no need external snap
  8. Automatic calibration mode provides more accurate speed and torque
  9. Efficient and accurate motor drive and multi-frequency root canal measurement technology, can achieve root canal measurement and preparation at the same time
  10. Built-in mainstream root canal expansion system, no need to set, just select and use
  11. Imported special motor, quiet and high torque
  12. Wireless charging of the handle, the host and the handle can be charged at the same