Bone Spreader Kit

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Spreading the narrow ridge with minimature jack pins

Compact and complete kit, no need for additional tools
Spreading pins (3)
Spreading Adapters (3)
Saw Discs (2)
Ratchet adapter
Ratchet wrench

Excellent for ridge augmentation.
Allows the insertion of several implants at the same time by widening the narrow bone ridge
The spreading pins expands the bone evenly with a minimal risk of trauma or complication.

Recommended technique

Cut the bone part that implants will be placed using saw disk
Insert the spreading pins between cut bone halves side by side
Connect spreading adapter with inserted spreading pins and turn
Spreading pins can be turned either with hand or with ratchet wrench usind the adapter
Turn the pins one by one slowly and expand the ridge evenly
After completing expansion, remove spreading pins and place the fixtures
*Please Note: When the expansion is completed, place the fixtures one by one while exchanging the pins, not removing all spreading pins at once.
Perform bone grafting between and around placed fixtures

bs-sequence Bone Spreader Kit

SD-BS_kit Bone Spreader Kit


Product name: Spreader Kit
Code: SD-BS

Kit Contents:

Bone-Spreading-contents Bone Spreader Kit

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