Blue Line Implant

Immediate loading in a wide variety of cases of different bone types is possible thanks to the great stability of DSI Blue Line Spiral Implants which are designed with patented technology. DSI Blue Line iconic “aggressive” geometric shape includes dual threads, two spiral channels stemming from the apex, micro-grooves on the implant top and a changing thread thickness along with the implant. As a result, soft bone is collected and compressed during the implantation creating a strong and balanced platform ready for immediate loading. Platform switching preserves the crestal bone height and soft tissue levels, increasing the quality of outcomes in the treatments. One abutment platform fits all implant diameters. Packaging has been designed for quick identification and easy opening.

Each product undergoes the strictest quality control measures. We ensure that a high percentage of samples are taken from every batch. Each sample passes a very strict set of tests of cleanliness and conformity thus ensuring minimal rejections afterward. All of our products adhere to the highest international standards. All DSI Implants implants are made of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI, in accordance with ASTM-F136-02. All DSI Blue Line implants undergo SLA surface treatment.