DSI Syntoss Biogel is a multi-purpose periodontal restoration gel. It is used to relieve swelling and inflammation of the tissues in the surgical dentistry, trauma, fractures, splinting of the jaws, as well as for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis, and stomatitis. It was originally created for periodontitis, gingivitis and stomatitis treatment. For now, DSI Syntoss bio-gel is exposed not only to the standard issues of endodontic treatment. After years of research and patient’s observation, we were been able to improve the formula and create a much more universal bio-gel that would give a solution to some of the most common dental implantology and surgical dentistry complications such as:

• Swelling and inflammation of the tissues of the oral cavity
• Trauma
• Micro wounds
• Fractures and splinting of jaws.

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