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The time you save is yours

A more efficient way of working
Add functionality to Dental Art furniture and discover a way of working and comfort level you’ve never experienced before.

The Avant system enhances your professionalism and the safety of your associates and patients.

Better occupational health
Thanks to the ideal height of the worktop and operational area, you’ll avoid bending and stretching, and will be able to maintain proper posture of shoulders, neck and back while you work.

Contamination reduction
Equipment and consumables remain separate from each other before, during and after surgical operations.

Time saving in many ways
Everything you need, close to hand – Avant follows your movements, helping you work better and faster.

Better organizational effectiveness of your dental practice
A predefined and coordinated workflow saves time and optimizes functionality for the entire workspace. Eliminating unforeseen circumstances and interruptions helps you maintain working concentration.

Flexdesk®: full-length sliding desk
Only where and when it’s needed.

Without using mobile cabinets or other worktops, Flexdesk® increases the available space around you and your patient.

Right- or left-handed, two- or four-handed. The mobile tray follows your movements and the instruments are always there, at hand, right where you look for them.

Flexclip®: suction on flexdesk®
Bring the suction system into the cabinet, maintain proper posture.

With flexclip® the suction system is no longer located inside the dental chair, but is integrated into the cabinet and hooked to the tray, flexclip® follows its movement, improving ergonomics, flexibility and versatility. The hoses of the suction system are integrated and grouped together inside the cabinet. Flexclip® is compatible with the leading suction systems on the market.

Flexwall®: Safety against contamination of materials.
With flexwall® the consumables in use are stored in the large bottom drawer where they are protected at all times from environmental contamination.

Height and ergonomic position

The drawer is accessible even while sitting and thanks to the split front its contents are visible and at hand at all times. Open, take and close is now easy, comfortable and quick – a genuine guarantee of safety.

Centered on the dental chair, the bottom drawer is very wide (100 cm). It can hold up to three Tubs and is always at hand whatever the working position.

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