Angulated Titanium

DSI Angulated abutments are used when dental implants are not placed parallel to adjacent teeth or contiguous implants, the clinician can use angled abutments to achieve proper restorative contours. Normally used for cement-retained single crowns or bridges. The abutments are available with angles of 15°, 25°, 35°, and 45° degrees. The Standard angulated abutments can be used in a single tooth and in partially or totally edentulous situations. It can be deployed both in cement-retained and screw-retained restorations. Material: Titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI).Clinical use and advantages of DSI angulated abutments: DSI angulated abutments facilitate paralleling nonaligned implants, therefore making prosthesis fabrication easier. These abutments also can aid the clinician in avoiding anatomical structures when placing the implants. In addition, the use of angled abutments can reduce treatment time, fees and the need to perform guided bone regeneration procedures.