Angulated Ball Attachment

DSI Angulated Ball Attachment has become the most reliable and effective tool providing high aesthetics in full/partial overdenture cases with non-parallel placement. Its unique structure allows it to attach the overdenture lower than any other attachment system. DSI Angled Ball Attachment is made as a one-piece, there are no moving parts in it. Such a structure makes it much more stable and durable for a longer period of time. DSI Angulated Ball Attachment establishes a secure fit between the ball attachment and the implant, minimizes micro-movements, ensures a very tight marginal seal and protects the implant’s crestal zone from oral cavity clutter penetration. Unlike any other multi-piece attachments, all the body of this ball attachment can be hidden in the gingival submerge level, which makes the final restoration very aesthetically attractive. While available in sets, DSI Angulated Ball Attachment Kit is ready to use solution that has not only the ball itself but also different strength silicone female inserts and a titanium housing.