Accell® Connexus

Accell® Connexus | Advanced Bone Grafting Product
A high surface area demineralized bone matrix (ABM) that incorporates a highly biocompatible Reverse Phase Medium (RPM) for robust handling. Accell® Connexus is a next generation Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM)-based bone grafting product. In addition to standard DBM, Accell® Connexus contains patented Accell® Bone Matrix (ABM).

BMTs + Growth factors + DBM

  • Natural Healing
    Accell features a concentrated form of the same BMPs and growth factors that the human body produces to form new bone — with nearly five times more BMPs than DBM alone. Because Accell® contains only human bone and Reverse Phase Medium, a proprietary carrier, it eliminates the potential for reaction to non-human collagen.
  • Easy Handling
    Its proprietary Reverse Phase Medium makes Accell® moldable and easy to pack into any shape defect. It requires no special handling, storage, thawing, mixing or setting. Accell® thickens at body temperature to hold the graft in place and resists irrigation to allow for better graft containment.