Needle holder Smaha, straight, 14 cm

Wire fixation pliers How, straight, 14.5cm

BMT GD - Dressing forceps gerald, straight, 18 cm

BMT GD - Needle holder jacobson, straight, tc, 18cm

Tissue forceps Gerald, straight, 1x2 teeth, 18 cm

BMT GD - Dressing forceps gerald, straight, 18 cm

Haemostatic forceps Halsted, straight, 18.5cm

BMT GD - Haemostatic forceps kelly, straight, 14 cm

BMT GD - Tissue forcep semken, 1x2 teeth, straight, 13cm

Tissue anatomical forcep, straight, 16cm

Tissue anatomical forcep, straight, 11cm

BMT GD - Haemostatic forceps halsted, straight, 12.5cm

BMT GD - Tissue anatomical forcep, adson, straight, 12cm

Tissue anatomical forcep Semken, straight, 13cm

Haemostatic forceps Crile, straight, 16 cm

Haemostatic forceps Crile, straight, 14 cm

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